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KH BGM mod

MOD Information
The Developer
Version: v1.00, by kevin5421 (Junior Member) kevin5421 is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2013 Show Printable Version Email this Page

Game: Dragon Nest Rating:
Released: 03-07-2012 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
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hi, i just want to share my own creation. BGM mod with Kingdom Hearts theme.

*The Music are the extended versions except for the songs and the stage clear music. That's why the file size is very large
Here's the list:


dn_bgm_pvp_battle_01 - Future Masters
dn_bgm_pvp_ready - A Promised Beginning

Dungeons & Nest

abyss battle - Working Together
abyss boss - Tension Rising
Apocalypse (Boss) - Unforgettable
Boss1 - Vim and Vigor
Boss2 - The 13th Dilemma
Boss3 - The Corrupted
Boss4 - Sinister Shadows
Boss5 - The Encounter
Boss6 - Hand in Hand
Battle_Crisis - Destiny Islands Combat
Battle_Dark_Lair - Scherzo di Notte
Battle_Dark myst - Risky Romp
Battle_Dark Region - What Lies beneath
Battle_Horror - Fragments of Sorrow
Kerberos (Boss) - The 13th Struggle
ManticoreLord (Boss) - Rage Awakened
Battle - Nest1 (Cerb) - Shrouding Dark Cloud
Battle - Nest2 (Manti) - Desire for all that is lost
Battle - Nest3 (Apoc) - Enter the Darkness
Battle - Nest4 (Mino) - Dance to the Death
Battle_RiverRuin - He's a Pirate


Black Mountain - Magical Mystery
Circus - Disney Castle
Dark lair - Home of the Dragons
Hermalte Port - Nights of the Cursed
Rotus - A walk in andante
Ruin - Cavern of Remembrance
Shadow Forest - Welcome to Wonderland
Snow - Christmas Town

Calderock - The Afternoon Streets
Colosseum - Olympus Coliseum
Dark Village - Lazy Afternoons
Mana Ridge - Dive into the Heart
Prarie - Traverse Town
Sainthaven - Reviving Hollow Bastion


Main Theme - Sanctuary
Race01 - Go, Go! Rumble Racer
Stage Clear - Crossing the Finish Line
Title - Simple and Clean PlanitB remix

credits to:
Square enix for the music
heatzz for the original music list

works perfectly for SEA version. not sure about the others.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

thanks and enjoy

How to install:
Use WinRAR to extract the mod from the 5 parts. (Open any of the 5)
Then place it on your Dragon Nest Folder. (e.g. C:\CherryDeGames\Dragon Nest)

Note: Before putting the file inside the folder, Please update your Dragon Nest to the latest version. Then put the file inside the folder. DO NOT patch your game with the modification inside. It will cause your game to crash and require reinstallation. If patch is available, put the file elsewhere and put it again there after the patching process finishes.

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  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

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Blah more KH BGM >w>...
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lol its because i didn't find any pure KH music mod. Some were mixed and some were incomplete. only partial music files
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Ok so put all 5 parts in the file or just 1
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Originally Posted by furrybear View Post
blah more kh bgm >w>...

It will never end!!! Ahahahahahahahahaaa!!!

Last edited by Desrook; 04-05-2012 at 12:33 AM.
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